Western counterparts:
Until this is published, I cannot disclose it's source of origin, but lets just say we have some pretty wise friends doing some pretty great stuff.I quote...

"We see ourselves as part of a change of tone occurring in the profession, led by students and emerging professionals who want more than what the profession has devalued itself to, working unapologetically for the socio-economic elite."

"We talk and write about what we are doing in the present or past tense, as if to say, 'Here is what we have done, and through that we learned about ourselves, our abilities, and the community, so now we are doing this.' In other words, we have not decided who we are."

"If it was easy and simple, then it would already exist."

"We are young, and able, but we are often reminded of our limits. We see those limitations as opportunities to bring someone else in, someone who knows through their own experience how to better approach a problem."

"We have not learned anything we should be hesitant to provide to others."

And to that I say, "Cheers!"

sunday / February 28, 2010

This past week in a pe-can nutshell
Busy week in Hale.

Mon: First trip to Auburn to meet up with new/old Friends of M, and hear Emily P. talk about Project H. (see more on that below)

Tue: Great day in Greensboro with Melissa Cullens, 2009 Project M Alum. Also, first Taco Tuesday of 20'X.

Wed: Visit and bike tour with Birmingham friends who work here, plus fun times with Emily and Matt (who did this in my back yard last year without me knowning) alongside their Airstream exhibit/house. (Read more about their visit here.)

Thu: Off to Nashville at the crack of dawn for the DISH Student Design Conference hosted by AIGA Nashville. Great food, great coffee, great beer and this guy.

Fri: Talky talky, giant bagels, and student portfolio reviews. Then the longest car ride home in the history of the world. CrashBangBoomOver.

saturday / February 27, 2010

Good Morning Trailer

wednesday / February 24, 2010

Follow up:

I even have an "Abandoned 2009" folder...
The folder itself apparently being a project I have given up on (seeing as I haven't gotten to 2010).

Landmine Bear.
A project that I thought might change the world—Never made it past initial sketches.

Untitled Portrait
Who knows where I was going with this? The point is, I stopped.

tuesday / February 23, 2010

You Could Fly Alabama!
...If only I could finish.

One of my lifelong struggles as an artist/designer/wannabe designer-artist has been taking my projects from conception to completion. I would like to imagine that this is a problem we all face (not just us designers, but everyone). Whether it be finishing that short story you until recently had such high hopes or coding that iPhone app that you knew was going to earn your early retirement... Some of these projects end up by the wayside and simply never get done (no matter how brilliant).

The most recent example is a website that I had planned for use by Greensboro residents that would track flights to and from Birmingham, AL. Being the closest airport (and over 90 miles away), it didn't take long for me to realize that trips to and from were being wasted, often. This tool would have been a public calendar that allowed users to input their flight date, time, and airline (even if they were just going to be driving through the area, they could specify that) ideally so that folks would then plan travel arrangements based on one another and thus save gas, money, and time.

In my head the project sounded quite simple. Just a basic calendar with a few bells and whistles. In execution it proved to be quite a burden and quickly my initial excitement fizzled out to a slow trudge.

Were my plans to grandiose? Do I lack whatever gene it takes to follow through? Did I take on a project that required too much PHP knowledge for my patience? I wish I could say that this rant was leading to some sort of enlightenment (or any kind of conclusion for that matter), but the truth is that I have no answer. I only make a promise to keep trying. So that hopefully, one day, fewer projects will slip through the cracks.

tuesday / February 23, 2010

Mom Deal has a scanner
Last fall the Meg/Ryan flew north and wound up eating hamburgers in the Deal's backyard. Clearly, they were very excited to be there.

friday / February 19, 2010

thursday / February 18, 2010

wednesday / February 17, 2010

wednesday / February 17, 2010

New old business cards.

tuesday / February 16, 2010


tuesday / February 16, 2010

The Greensboro crew traveled to Birmingham this weekend to represent PieLab/BikeLab at Bici-Coop's 2nd Annual Heartbreaks Prom Benefit.

Everyone who went had a great time and nearly everyone raced. Dan and Ryan took home 3rd place prize (and 1st out-of-town team), Megan and Brian took home 1st female team prize, and Willy and Amanda were disqualified (mechanical issues). Immediately afterward, talks of a Greensboro alleycat race were already underway.

Thanks to everyone at Bici-Coop for putting together the event!

saturday / February 13, 2010

Yesterday, Megan and Ryan decided to have a field day and take a trip to Livingston, AL. Their agenda was twofold. First, Megan and Ryan had to discuss a handful of ongoing projects and future ideas for each. Second, and perhaps foremost, Megan and Ryan were in search of the best baked goods your mouth has ever savored at The Taste of Home Bakery. The drive was pleasant. The tunes were satisfying. The conversation was exceptional. The bakery was closed.

But...on the drive back, Megan and Ryan decided to stop at an old cement (or something like cement) factory and do some exploring. Incredible. The area was vast and had been unoccupied for quite some time, yet there was something very peaceful; very serene about the whole experience. Photos were taken, shoes were muddied, laughter was had.

All in all the trip was great! Though they failed to get to the cinnamon rolls in time, getting 'out of the office' and changing environments, allowed Megan and Ryan to refocus and get re-excited about the many things ahead. To sum up, less questioning/worrying/emailing; more doing/fsu-ing/fun!

friday / February 12, 2010

Megan and Ryan are OOTO...

thursday / February 11, 2010

..."the goal of listing our values was impossible if we were to remain faithful to what we had learned from each other and from the people we work with in the community...
...To say 'our values' suggests that values are something that we have, either things we carry around, or defining attributes like a person's height or weight. Instead of something we have, it is more considerate to think of values as guiding word tools that are part of the language of our time and place and are available for all to use. Care should be taken to avoid a possessive attitude that makes a claim that we own values."

The Gulf Coast Community Design Center on values.

Or in other words...put away your thesaurus, stop trying to define yourself into oblivion, and just keep moving forward. Let the uncertain realm of experience, rather then the ideal realm of analytics define values for you. "Let values shape practice and practice shape values." Or, let PieLab exist in the community and let the community exist in PieLab.Noted.

thursday / February 11, 2010

Dick Hudgens:
Historic Architecture Genius
Ryan was lucky enough to score an in with Professor Hudgens at Rural Studio (through Clementine). Professor Hudgens invited Ryan along for his 3rd year class which visits various historic locations around the South.

Professor Hudgens' knowledge is more than extensive and at the end of each visit he has his students do free-hand sketch exercises of the architecture. Ryan had to skip out early this class, but is determined to get a chance to sketch with the students next time.

wednesday / February 10, 2010

BikeLab's New Mascot

monday / February 8, 2010

Oh to be young, naive, and almost tan again...
After a brief trip to Ralph, Alabama to attend Robin's family reunion, Megan has found herself once again at the Tuscaloosa Panera Bread, exploiting the free internet. While compulsively cleaning out desktop folders, Megan stumbled upon the image above and immediately was taken aback to a time earlier this summer, when life was oh so simple. She thought she'd share this fond memory with the rest of the meg/ryan reading world. Or just Ryan. Or just her dad who reads this blog everyday. Hi Dad!

saturday / February 6, 2010

Black Tie Pie!
Despite the colossal rain storm that plagued the area on Thursday, PieLab's first big Tuscaloosa event was a great success. Guests, adorned in their finest attire, filled (or sorta-filled) the Bama Theatre to enjoy a variety of performances by some great local talent, as well as Nashville's own Amy Stroup. Special thanks to the University of Alabama's Creative Campus and all of the volunteers for their generous support and assistance. Oh and much gratitude to Mr. Mooty for operating the soundzzz and to Bo for the Coco Porter.

thursday / February 4, 2010

Ask, and You Shall Receive
Ryan spoke about BikeLab at the Baptist church (by invitation of Brother Dee) this past Sunday, but not before enjoying an amazing breakfast.

Afterward, Mr. Johnny Whaley approached Ryan and said he would deliver some bikes. And of course, as promised, Mr. Whaley showed up this afternoon with a truckload of bikes. After a short greeting, he had gone, and the bikes were left behind at PieLab!

Simply asking... It's tried and true.

monday / February 1, 2010

Megan Deal and Ryan LeCluyse:

are two graphic designers living and working in Greensboro, Alabama. They each found themselves in the rural south after taking their Americorps vows, and then swearing a year of their life to service. Megan, who hails from Detroit, and Ryan, who comes from Baltimore, will work together over the next year to operate the very first Project M Lab.

The M Lab was born out of the 2008 Project M session and has since been used to station passionate young individuals interested in the possibilities of meaningful graphic design. For the remainder of this year M Lab will be the design studio (whatever that means) of the combined forces of Meg/Ryan.

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